Monday, March 28, 2016

Why homeopathy? Because It's Curative Non-Toxic & Cost Effective Health Care

Worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 550 million health care consumers who rely on homeopathic medicine (or "remedies") to effectively treat and often cure chronic conditions that conventional medicine has been unable to address. I am one of those health care consumers. All of the over 3 thousand FDA approved non-toxic homeopathic remedies have been proven to cause the very symptoms in a healthy patient that they cure in an affected patient, according to the laws and principle of cure. For starters, take a look at the wide variety of health challenges homeopathy can safely and cost effectively treat HERE

This rational argument FOR homeopathy by the noted Huffington Post regular contributor, book publisher, speaker, California based homeopath, husband and father Dana Ullman is worth reading.

There are many reasons health care consumers turn to alternative medicine such as homeopathy. The answers to the questions below should convince you that health care delivery is sub-optimal. For this reason, more and more people (perhaps you) are looking for and joining the move toward a more natural, less toxic cost effective form of health care. Don't miss out, be a part of it!

1. Mainstream medicine has cured countless diseases and syndromes. There are daily publications noting that there has been a disease or syndrome CURE. True or false?

2. Big Pharma’s drugs are safe, therefore warnings of serious adverse reactions or death do not need to appear on their labels. True or false?

3. Doctors do not push drugs or get perks for prescribing certain high cost drugs. True or false?

4. There are no adverse permanent side effects from any synthetically manufactured drugs. True or false?

5. Chemotherapeutic drugs are themselves carcinogenic. True or false?

6. Mainstream medical practitioners and drug companies spend large sums of money in an effort to protect themselves from law suits. True or false?

7. The number of successful lawsuits against mainstream doctors and pharmaceutical companies resulting in millions of dollars in payments for permanent damage far outweighs any similar law suits against homeopathic pharmacies and/or homeopaths. True or false?

8. The British Royal Family is stupid since they believe in and have promoted homeopathy. True or false?

Disclaimer:   The purpose of this blog is to offer informational material only. It is not meant to replace proper diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any illness. People with serious conditions should consult with their licensed health care practitioner.