Friday, March 3, 2017

Is this anti homeopathy activist posing as a UK regulatory agency?

Addendum: March 4, 2017 The prior Twitter avatar looked similar to the one on the top in the image below. I am satisfied that the newer one can no longer be interpreted as possibly representing someone who is an official regulator within the UK drug regulatory system.

Addendum: March 24, 2017   The newest avatar:

All these tweets are by an anti homeopathy activist, who seems to be posing as a UK authority, between February 10 and today March 3, 2017. To my knowledge, this person is not officially affiliated, or recognized by, any UK drug regulatory agency. Therefore, I would encourage Twitter to ask that this particular tweet activity be curtailed.


  1. The account does not pose as a regulatory authority of any kind. It is mostly intended to draw attention to a blog that attempts to discuss the regulation of homeopathy and homeopathic medicines in different countries. There is no attempt to claim affiliation or the like. Indeed, the profile on the blog makes it clear that one of the functions is to provide a reading of legislation and regulations that is accessible to the lay reader.

    Posts on the blog make it clear who the regulatory authorities are.

    As for the claim that some of the tweets from the account constitute harassment, it suggested that the account be reported to Twitter and allow them to make the determination. If Twitter disagrees, then those targeted by the Tweets can block the account.

    If one reads the blog and refers to the legislation and regulations cited, it is very clear that Indian homeopaths on Twitter are often in multiple breach.

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