Thursday, March 16, 2017

The UK_ASA How Powerful Are They?

"When the ASA or CAP is asked to assess that evidence, they may, if necessary, appoint an independent expert to give an impartial and confidential view on whether it supports the claim that is being made. We always aim to find the most appropriate expert to review that evidence, either from the group of experts we use regularly or by seeking out someone new with the relevant expertise."

Just so you know...there is not one M.D. homeopath, such as Dr. Peter Fisher of the UK, on the panel of experts. As a practicing homeopath in the UK, you should demand that your site be reviewed by "someone new with the relevant expertise."

This organization should be a joke, but it’s not. They are serious about stopping homeopaths from advertising. If you want homeopaths to continue to advertise their practices in the UK, please do your part. I do. Even though I live in the United States, you can join me. Do what you can, where you can, how you can.

The explanation of their funding is HERE. A portion only of the ASA_UK's funding? Through some type of voluntary levy that companies pay, the ASA_UK collects
approximately 5 million pounds each year.

You disgusted yet? Do something about it, sign THIS petition.

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