Sunday, April 23, 2017

Professor Ernst Fails to Stop Homeopathy Spread

Professor Edzard Ernst & his minions' decades old personal and childish attacks on homeopathy users, homeopaths and homeopathic research has still not succeeded in stopping its spread. He and they are now "putting on their brave faces" and what supporters of homeopathy are witnessing is proof that the skeptics may have won the battle, but lost the war.

Addendum: A list of 18 separate blog posts targeting and humiliating Dana Ullman, a well known homeopath in the United States, can be be found on this page: Another one entitled "Lies, damned lies, and Dana Ullman" is here:

Referenced blog post in image below, in its entirety, is HERE Ernst blogs about his early positive impression of homeopathy, then tells why he became its skeptic. Will he be forced to reverse his stance again?

I have a question. What is "generally reproducible top-quality" medicine?

The article, in English, can be read here: disinformation about Homeopathy

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  1. Ernst is a typical opportunist. He swings from side to side depending on which stance brings in the most money. He has actually conducted at least one study which shows homeopathy works and stated in another study that there were so few incidents of homeopathy causing harm in the past 200 years that he had conclude it probably does not. Instead of being remembered with respect for real achievements he won't be remembered at all.