Sunday, June 3, 2018

Björn Geir Leifsson Bariatric Surgeon Iceland

Björn Geir Leifsson, Bariatric Surgeon, Senior medical officer / Yfirlæknir Iceland accuses retired certified medical transcriptionist of insulting medicine and honest hard working health care personnel in comments section of blog by Edzard Ernst. HERE

Sandra on Thursday 31 May 2018 at 17:06
I agree with Lenny who wrote that the case you cited is “not a problem with homeopathy per se.” He then blames “poor medical skills”. I take issue with that assessment.

While employed at a university cancer treatment center in the Southwestern United States years ago, it was often mandatory that I attend weekly “Tumor Board” conferences where oncologists of every speciality presented their cancer cases to their colleagues for peer review and collaborative suggestions regarding treatment planning. Despite having at their disposal the most sophisticated diagnostic tools, the funding for both established and experimental treatment modalities, their patients still suffered, still died.

Sadly, cancer patients not only suffer and die from the disease, their grieving family members may be responsible for a portion of their loved one’s massive medical bills. Cancer is a formidable foe, leaving depleted savings, lost homes, bankrupt families. Cancer treatment is still “experimental”, even in the best of circumstances.

Björn Leifsson on Friday 01 June 2018 at 00:17
Please do not insult medicine and honest, hard working health care personnel by pretending to be qualified to discuss cancer or other health care issues.
Your shallow contributions to this blog (and your remarkably ignorant promotional crusade for homeopathy on Twitter as @BrownBagPantry, if I am not mistaken as to you being the same), clearly demonstrate that you are not medically qualified in any remote sense.
Having in your younger days worked as a medical clerk does not make you a medical expert, it does not give you any right to pretend to know anything at all about modern health care or how to use the fancy words you learned back then.

A on Friday 01 June 2018 at 14:36
Bjorn Leifsson – says Sandra please do not insult medicine……..What is insulting – because you make the assumption she is not qualified to relate her experience?It is her experience, obviously, and therefore valid. Because something happened years ago does not invalidate it. I don’t know Sandra, but do know she is a great supporter of homeopathy and has frequently been on the receiving end of sceptics’ insults on various social media sites.

I don’t think Sandra is pretending anything. On the other hand this blog is rife with posters who pretend to know everything there is to know about complementary therapies. I am astonished at the misinformation and inaccuracies I read here. Unfortunately, it is my guilty pleasure to check in to this blog: I gave up posting a long while ago due to abusive remarks, but here I am drawn in, but hopefully a one off (in case you are lining up to engage in vitriolic exchange)

There are many erroneous statements made about all things complementary: I have used homeopathy for 50 years, and the following is just a taster of the misinformation read here (it is almost as if the continual mantra of repeating it, makes either people believe it or make it true

Sandra on Friday 01 June 2018 at 16:37

“Personal or ad hominem attacks are fallacious arguments directly directed at a named individual which serve as substitutes for that individual’s arguments. In football terminology, they play the player instead of the ball.”

Björn Geir on Friday 01 June 2018 at 23:45
Dear Sandra. Thank you for responding exactly as planned, I could have written it myself. I decided not to preempt your naive indignation but to lead you on and have you call the ad hominem gambit yourself. In short, I wanted you to respond as you did.
Whoever hides behind the “A” (above) demonstrates lucidly why ignorant prophects of fake medicine like yourself, are so damaging. Gullible people are distracted by fake advice like yours, away from reason and sensible advice towards make-believe medical pantomimes such as homeopaths.

There is no personal animosty in my address or my attitude towards you. I do respect you as I respect and care for any other human being. I would without hesitation do my very best for you if an ambulance brought you on a stretcher to me. I would support you in need and comfort you in sorrow.
But your person is not the issue here – your conduct is. I will without hesitation oppose, with fervour, any of your ignorant atempts at telling medical untruths. And they are many as can be seen on your Twitter account. @BrownBagPantry.
You can block me on Twitter but you will have to bear with criticism here and elsewhere.
Beyond your control.

My address to you is not ´ad hominem´. It is ´ad mores´, which means ´towards conduct´ – your conduct. I am aware that you are enchanted by ideas that make you feel superior and provide you with a (false) sense of authority. That might be allright with me if you were not encroaching on a field that is very sacred to me and my professional calling, the safety and well being of those who are in need of medical care.

I regard you as a victim, a victim of a grandiose delusion called homeopathy. Your conduct is not consistent with normal, safe and sensible social behavior.
I do not expect my honest and sincere words to help you understand or change your views. But someone has to say the pertinent words, as the boy did in Hans Christian Andersens parable of the emperor without clothes. Just like the poor emperor, you have nothing to buid your grandeur on. A few of your fellow homeopaths chime in on your hubrid homeopathic sermons but most normal people do not see ´the clothes´ – the utility of shaken-water potions. And the little boy earnestly verbalises what everyone is thinking.

I did expect you to call the ´ad hominem´ curse.
I did think hard before telling you my undiluted mind here, in a forum where you are unable to block your critics. You are a public person who drives a beligerent crusade for fake medicine on Twitter and without hesitation blocks deletes and any critical voices that disturb your self-image. Therefore you have no right to be pissed at me for saying on this alt-medccritical forum that you are without credibility – you do not have any “clothes” (in the proverbial meaning of course 😉 )

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  1. Thank you so much Sandra, for confirming my assessment and proving me right. I am so proud.