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Episode 9 Homeopathy in America Other podcasts are archived on this site Enjoy!

Lots of free web podcasts by homeopath Joette Calabrese on this page.   Another podcast by Joette. Uh oh...the baby's sick. Should I stay home and do it myself? Should I get conventional medical advice? And if I need a doctor...how do I choose? Podcast 21- When to Use a Doctor; When to Trust Yourself

A homeopath in India, Dr Nancy Malik, covers the most frequently asked questions and their answers in this podcast and; she explains the principles of homeopathy HERE

Veterinarian and homeopath Dr. Christine Chambreau talks about Homeopathy & Holistic Health Care for Pets

Tara Darlington on her Empowering Motherhood radio program tells her listeners Homeopathy as a mum's best friend

The Drop Podcast Pre & post surgery care with homeopathy

From the largest and most trusted manufacturer of homeopathic products worldwide, a Boiron podcast about
Tackling the Flu, Naturally

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